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WOW! It's Baby Elli

Elli’s Kidblog Helps Learn Colors With Balls And Toy Truck

Keep your kids well entertained with Elli’s kid vlogging videos for free by watching her channel for kids, which is a kidblog that features lots of fun activities that she does in the kids' playground, toy store, arcade, farm, and the park. Her kid blog shows her natural kid blogging talent to show how fun it is to play on the indoor playground or to do other activities for children.

Elli’s kidblog gives joy to her viewers by being one of the most entertaining kid blogs in Kivitu. She does it by simply being one of the energetic and adorable kid blog stars of today. Her kid blog gives viewers a glimpse of her life as she enjoys playing in the kids indoor/outdoor playground, beach, farm, zoo, museum or other places where kids goof around and are happy. This kid blogger’s channel is featured at Kivitu where other children’s blogs can also be watched online for free.

There are episodes of this funny blog that show Elli with other kids /blogging with her and enjoying their time spent in the indoor and outdoor playground for kids. There are also other episodes in this kids’ blog that show her with her sibling simply bonding together playing or shopping in the toy store while nursery rhymes like “Old Mac Donald”, “Wheels On the Bus”, “I’m A Little Bunny” and many others play on the background. Kid bloggers like Elli help your kids learn children’s songs, colors, shapes, animals, and numbers easily because they enjoy watching the kid-friendly videos from this kidblog.

Elli’s kid blog channel also features her love of simple activities outdoors under the sun. There are episodes of this kid’s blog that show her interacting with farm and zoo animals. Her kid blog is mainly about kid blog stars enjoying being kids and doing simple and fun activities with family and friends.

Enjoy watching all episodes of this kid blogger’s channel as well as the other kid bloggers by going to Kivitu. It is a website that features the fun in kids vlogging as well as cartoons and other videos that help viewers learn nursery rhymes, colors, numbers, letters, shapes, and animals.

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