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Super Lev

ABC Alphabet Phonics Nursery Rhymes Songs for Kids with Lev and Gleb

Super Lev presents dozens of educational videos with awesome plots that captivate kids and the whole family's attention. Colorful kids videos help toddlers learn ABC, 123, colors, numbers, as well as the names of transport and animals. Moreover, Super Lev opens the world of fascinating trips and encourages kids to open their outlook and learn healthy habits and good rules of conduct.

Meet educational kids videos with cute characters on the channel Super Lev! Super kids' stories with adorable challenges, pretend plays, indoor and outdoor children centers, colorful playgrounds with trains and other funny attractions, super games, toy sets, and huge vehicles are definitely liked by children of all ages! It’s so exciting to watch favorable toddler videos and learn much important and useful information for kids.

Let's open the world of kids' video vlog and face the real fairy tales where dreams become reality! Do you want to see the dinosaur or become the guest of the magic house? Maybe you want to learn ABC with a soft puzzle mat or names of animals during the fantastic trip to the Zoo? Super Lev channel displays a great deal of kid-friendly learning videos for children, which help to learn good manners as well as developing children's creative thinking, imagination, and attention.

Switch on Kivitu.com for free online and have a fantastic time with charming characters on Super Lev channel!

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