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Kids’ Song Five Little Monkeys Is Featured In Funny Videos For Kids

Entertain your kids with Igor and Arina’s kidblog, a kids' channel at Kivitu about their adventure in the kids’ playground, indoor play center, arcade or at home. This kid blog showcases their kid blogging talent as they play in the kids’ playgrounds, react to the new toys and challenges, enjoying games to play with kids with popular background kids' songs.

Igor and Arina’s kid blog is a light and funny blog that provides their viewers a tour of the kids’ playground that they feature in each episode of their kidblog. These kid bloggers are very energetic, and that shows in how they play or how they do the various family fun activities with kids' dance songs. Also, watch as these kids react to different events like new toys, funny challenges, and amusing games to play with kids.

There is never a dull moment with these kids blogging, which is why your kids will always enjoy and never get tired of watching their family fun channel for kids. Enjoy a mix of colors for children videos, kids' dance songs, indoor play center videos, kid react videos and videos of playing with other kid bloggers by finding their kid blog channel at Kivitu.

Teach your kids to sing “Skip To My Lou,” “Mary Had A Little Lamb,” Wheels On The Bus,” “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” kids' Christmas songs, and kids dance songs by letting them watch these kid blog stars. Help your kids identify and learn colors without forcing them but by allowing them to enjoy educational vids for kids. When kids enjoy while learning with these kid blog stars, they will better remember what they have just learned from the kids’ blog.

The kids blogging enjoy making the videos of themselves having pure fun at the kids’ playground. The kid bloggers love to jump in the trampolines, ride the cars for kids, slide down the slide, roll on the colorful ball pit, climb walls, play with toys, and have fun with colors for children.

Also, it's inspiring to watch as kids react to the new toys, new games or new events.

Watch every episode of the kids’ blog and let your kids have hours of fun and entertainment by going to Kivitu. Igor and Arina are not the only kids blogging online at Kivitu; there you will find other kid blog channels as well as cartoons made for children.

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