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Mister Max

Kids Pretend Play Ride on Toy Bikes | Baby Vehicles Video

Mister Max is a nice and charming family fun vlog for children that the whole family is sure to enjoy. If you are looking for a fun kids' activities video that is entertaining and age-appropriate, then you can watch it anytime, online and for free. Preschoolers and parents will love these kids' challenge videos with tons of super exciting and fun outdoor games for toddlers.

Meet Mister Max, a vibrant preschool show that focuses on family entertainment kids' videos, funny stories, and the best challenges for kids. The little ones are excited to follow Max and his cute family as they show off amazing playhouses, explore new playgrounds and amusement parks, and play fun outdoor games for toddlers.

Fire up your child's imagination and creativity with tons of kids' challenge videos that can be entertaining and educational at the same time. Max and his dad are constantly coming up with some interesting activities that develop thinking and keep the little kids curious and engaged. So get ready to learn about numbers, colors, opposites, good habits and so much more in a fun, playful way.

Be sure to check out Mister Max's fun kids' activities video and enjoy the Hot vs Cold Challenge, Watermelon Slime Challenge, The Floor is Lava Challenge and many other great games for the whole family. In this fun family vlog for children, Max plays in a huge water park, goes shopping for new playhouse decorations, learns the alphabet, becomes a prince for 24 hours, and even cooks healthy pizza with his dad and sister. Discover children's outdoor play videos online for free at Kivitu.com.

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