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The Floor is Lava - The Best Challenge for Kids from Melissa and Arthur

Melliart channel presents free children's videos about fun playtime on the kids' playground. Melissa and Arthur love to play with their favorite toys, come up with interesting outdoor games and have fun together. You will see how smart little vloggers build a play area with slides, collect big playhouses and ride colorful toy cars. These funny videos are full of joy, exciting adventures and pretend play games.

Meet Melissa and Arthur, who will show you funny toys for children and amuse you with cheerful stories. Let's have fun with these playful kids! Pretend play with toys is one of their favorite activities. Cute and charming characters in awesome costumes are waiting for you. Melissa can become a brave superhero or a beautiful princess, and Arthur plays the role of a policeman or a racer in a sports car.

Enjoy watching Melliart kids vlog online for free on Kivitu.com! There are so many cool surprises for boys and girls. You will be impressed by the large collection of children's vehicles. Don’t miss the fun ride on racing and construction cars, motorcycles, a jeep, and even a toy bus. And we also prepared interesting videos for you with playhouses, games on the playground and unpacking new toys.

Melliart channel is great for both entertainment and baby development. Playtime videos enhance children's imagination, thinking, mindfulness, perception of color and sounds. Children will have a desire to play, make friends, learn something new and discover the world around them. They will become more sociable and open. Go to Kivitu.com for positive emotions that have a good effect on the mood of the child.

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