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Maggie and Shanti

Maggie Lost Her Favorite Doll | Fun Educational Video for Toddlers

Hey girls! Meet Maggie and Shanti on their channel with lots of exciting videos for children. Kids will see funny games with rubber toys for kids in the real swimming pools and educational videos where one can learn colors, numbers, and shapes! Together with Maggie and Shanti little girls will get ready for the princess dancing! Lots of wonderful adventures and kids’ playtime are waiting for you!

Maggie and Shanti channel will never let you to be bored! Together will funny characters children will play interesting pretend plays, learn numbers, colors and shapes, unbox new toys and dolls, travel around and dance like a princess! Maggie and her dog Shanti will show little girls how to do makeup and paint nails using baby cosmetics! Moreover, the funny blogger will teach children good behavior! Dozens of great kids’ videos are waiting for you!

Enjoy the best compilation of the series of Maggie and Shanti online for free on Kivitu.com! Meet a beautiful young lady and her dog in the new developing children video! Enjoy delightful adventures with toys, dolls, and dress-up princess parties! Maggie and Shanti channel is intended for a family watching.

Watch the most popular Funny Family Video Vlog for Kids with exciting characters Maggie and Shanti! Together with interesting pretend play games children will develop their imagination, creative thinking, and attentiveness! Maggie and Shanti will show kids how to be well behaved and have good habits. Also, children will learn numbers, colors, and shapes while playing with bright toys and colorful balloons. Maggie and Shanti show by their own example how to be friendly and respect each other. Children will discover this colorful world and learn something new together with Maggie and Shanti! Meet all videos of Maggie and Shanti channel online for free at Kivitu.com!

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