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Kids TV - Tim and Essy Show

Healthy Fruits & Vegetables | Tim and Essy Kids Songs

Tim and Essy Show presents a great variety of incredible kids videos full of exciting games and interesting adventures for children! Switch on these funny video vlog with popular nursery rhymes for toddlers! Enjoy the excellent combination of great children games, colorful outdoor and indoor playgrounds, stunning experiments, family trips, bright dress-up adventures with balls and dancing, food challenges, various pretend plays, and much more! Watch awesome children videos featured by the most popular baby songs, where adorable entertainment and learning videos are in the same place!

Friends, meet the new kids channel Tim and Essy Show with cute characters on Kivitu.com! It’s the perfect time to move into the magical world of a child's dream. Be ready to get acquaintance with little kids - Tim and Essy, who prepared useful videos for toddlers and for the whole family.

Wow! It’s so great to learn and have fun all together! Let’s discover important things with the new channel Kids TV - Tim and Essy Show! Meet adorable kids’ videos and get a lot of unforgettable emotions! Because Tim and Essy Show has prepared a great number of episodes full of cool games, different pretend plays, dress-up parties, family outdoor and indoor entertainment, trips to beautiful places, visits to zoos and museums. What's more, toys with surprises, dangerous lava adventures, and magical experiments await you in the stunning videos for children!

Kids TV - Tim and Essy Show help kids learn the ABC, numbers, shapes, names of colors, and animals! Such videos promote the development of children's attention, memory, concentration, and creativity! This is a great way to spend time and play with kids and sing famous baby songs together. Enjoy eye-catching kids video vlog on Kivitu.com online for free and spend a great time with friendly vloggers!

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