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Wear Your Mask and Stay Safe Developing Song & Kids Video with Globiki

Hey little ladies and gentlemen! Enjoy new and striking kids' family vlog videos on the channel Globiki! Discover a new world of games and toys, adventures and challenges, pretend play and breathtaking travelings filled with fun for both a little audience and adults! Amidst the entertainment, in super videos for kids, children listen to the most popular baby songs, sing and dance along with the entertaining bloggers! Together with Alika and Maks little viewers learn colors, numbers, and shapes as well as wild and domestic animals! Get revved up for these high-octane videos for kids on Kivitu.com!

Globiki channel presents countless kid videos about pretend play, outdoor and indoor games, opening new toy sets and surprises, traveling to the Zoo and lots of impressive things for little viewers! Now is a terrific time to get acquainted with Alika and Maks and plunge into the compelling atmosphere of children play! Let's learn the English alphabet by singing and dancing an amusing song or decorate the Christmas Tree together with favorite bloggers! Reveal new and pleasing children entertainment while watching Globiki channel!

Be immersed in the funny and super interesting videos for kids with favorite bloggers for girls and boys on Kivitu.com online for free! Alika and Maks always find something exciting and interesting for their little audience! Funny bloggers play dozens of pretend play, sing the best baby songs, tell intriguing and magical stories, play and have a great time in various kids' centers!

Spend more time enjoying the top-rated kids' videos! Globiki gives a great opportunity for children to learn and develop while watching bright and colorful videos for kids! Different pretend play, games, intellectual toys, dolls, interesting trips develop kids' imagination, creative thinking, open their outlook and learn lots of unforgettable and at the same time educational things! Let little viewers choose their favorite videos for kids currently streaming on Kivitu.com online for free!

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