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Sunny Kids Songs

Mommy's Little Helpers Children Song with Alicia and Alex | Best Videos for Kids

Sunny Kids Songs channel will never get kids to be bored! Let's plunge into a great atmosphere of children's play! Together with Alicia kids will play new and funny games. The little girl will show her real adventures full of joy and happiness. Let's play hide and seek in the toy store or paint a T-shirt together with Alicia! Moreover, kids will learn the alphabet, names of animals, and numbers while playing and entertaining! Open a new magic kids' world full of toys, challenges, and adventures!

Meet cute Alicia, who loves to play and have fun. You will also meet her charming family and younger brother Alex. They always do something amazing, playing with colorful toys and going outside, pretending to play funny characters, learning something new and interesting about the world around them.

Enjoy watching the kindest, entertaining, and educational videos for kids online for free at Kivitu.com! Sunny Kids Songs is the best kids channel with awesome ideas for playing with your child. You will see how little kids pretend to play funny characters using various toys, baby dolls, and fantastic playsets. We know how to make your child happy, curious, and attentive.

We have prepared for you a huge selection of fascinating and funny stories that are great not only for a good mood but also for the development of the child. Educational family videos with popular nursery rhymes and children's songs will help kids learn colors, letters, numbers, and much more. Incredible adventures, fun playtime challenges, outdoor games in colorful playgrounds are waiting for you right now!

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