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Caletha Playtime - Kids TV

The Boo Boo Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs - Ethan And Callum Play With Doll

Caletha Playtime - Kids TV and Nursery Rhymes presents a great collection of videos for kids packed with interesting indoors and outdoors activities, pretend funny games, learning colors, shapes, numbers and alphabet songs, and other educational videos. Children will like Caletha Playtime channel because it shows dozens of exciting stories with games and toys accompanied by the popular kids' nursery rhymes.

The heroes of this channel are Ethan and Callum! They always play exciting games, go to various indoor and outdoor playgrounds, unbox new toys and show how they work. Funny boys help kids to learn colors, numbers, alphabet, shapes, and animals together with their funny videos followed by great merry kids nursery rhymes!

Watch all of their stories and adventures, indoor and outdoor active games, also don’t miss developing videos with positive young vloggers for free online on Kivitu.com. Kids can watch exciting episodes of pretend funny games & the best nursery rhymes vlog video as much as they want.

Enjoy exciting developing vlog videos at Kivitu for kids with Ethan and Callum! All their adventures are different and fabulous. They will show the real fraternal friendship and support! Also, kids will learn new games with dozens of toys! Children will plunge in great and funny situations of kids pretend play! Moreover, bright and colorful developing videos will help kids to learn colors, numbers, shapes and other interesting information. Children will learn and play at the same time!

Switch on Caletha Playtime - Kids TV and Nursery Rhymes and you see the happiness of your kids as they watch an episode. You can sing popular songs with Ethan and Callum and play interesting games with little vloggers!

After watching Caletha Playtime - Kids TV and Nursery Rhymes, browse through other channels found here at Kivitu.com to find other kid blogger videos that help your kids to learn while watching hilarious videos.

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