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Anuta Kids Channel

Who Took The Cookie From The Cookie Jar - Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes

Anuta Kids Channel forged ahead with interesting videos for children overwhelmed with super adventures! Meet the best family vlog for kids and revel in a great atmosphere of fascinating games, bright toys, challenges, pretend play, and DIY experiments! If you want to cheer up and have a terrific time, watch the Anuta Kids Channel and discover a fairy tale world with catchy nursery rhymes for children!

We bet you have never watched such a magnificent family video vlog!

Delightful and easy learning for toddlers combined with charming humor in kids' music videos develops the child's imagination, curiosity, kindness, creative thinking, and communication skills.

This educational children's show presents a great number of stunning kids’ stories, popular games, and sets of toys as well as awesome indoor and outdoor activities. Get acquainted with a little, cute little girl and plunge into the world of entertaining adventures for children! Thanks to Anuta Kids Channel, children can learn ABC, 123, the names of fruit and vegetables and colors, as well as vehicles, healthy habits, and plenty of valuable lessons.

It is so great to learn while playing and singing favorite nursery rhymes! Meet popular baby songs like The Muffin Man, Jummy Fruit And Vegetables Song, Simple Dimple no Pop It Song, Bath Song, I Like Berries, Halloween Songs, Lullaby Song, and lots more rhythmical nursery rhymes for children! Switch on Kivitu.com and find a super collection of pretend play toddler vlog by Anuta Kids for free online!

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