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Animals Life

BiBi Took The Duck To Pick Fruit In Her Father's Garden | Entertaining Video For Kids

Watching Animals Life is a great way to learn animals for babies through entertainment videos for kids and family-friendly kids videos. Funny and adorable, these toddler playtime videos show smart monkey Obi picking fruit on the farm, playing with ducklings, and riding toy cars. Enjoy animal stories for children that teach the little ones to be kind and friendly by following the example of cute pets who help and care for each other.

The Animals Life Show is the uplifting destination for family-friendly kids' videos and maximum fun learning for toddlers featuring cute little monkey Obi and other lovely animals. Tune in to toddler playtime videos and let's see how smart and funny pets live on the farm. Obi loves harvesting to make delicious meals with wholesome fruits and vegetables.

From children's outdoor activities to fun and heartwarming animal stories for children, you'll discover it all here with Animals Life's entertainment videos for kids. Follow Obi the monkey as he eats watermelon or picks strawberries to make yummy juice. You will also meet Ody the cat, Amee the dog, baby parrot, ducklings, and other fluffy pets. They love to play together on the farm, swim in the pool, and take care of each other. Let's learn animals for babies and have fun with family-friendly kids videos online for free at Kivitu.com.

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