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Animal HT

Little Baby Bon Bon Eats Food With Ducklings In The Garden & Goes To Harvest Watermelon | New Story

Animal HT show opens a wide variety of kind and developing videos for children. Each episode of a popular vlog amuse and engage in different activities as well as, raise a positive mood. Watch the stunning stories from the cute monkey Bon Bon and go through the best adventures. The funny fluffy vlogger helps kids to learn new games, take part in interesting activities as well as to become kind, well-mannered, and friendly.

Incredibly kind videos for children from the Animal HT channel present the most interesting adventures of a little monkey. A blogger with huge kind eyes enchants his audience. Since it is impossible to look at a cute monkey without a smile. Bon Bon's adventures are very entertaining and admirable. A cute animal lives like a real person. She has her own apartment with tiny furniture, Bon Bon plays with her friend, a little white puppy. All viewers enjoy new videos from Bon Bon and play various games with the awesome monkey, swim in pools, get acquainted with pets, build Lego sculptures, ride a toy car, learn the right habits and good behavior.
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