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Baby Shark Dance | Sing and Dance! | Animal Songs for Children

Alex and Nastya channel presents dozens of baby learning videos with popular kids' songs. It's high time to meet cool children's vlog about joyful pretend plays, dress-up challenges, lego hands jokes, сolorful toy sets, and much more amusing videos for toddlers. Open the magical world of children's dream with popular kids songs & baby nursery rhymes in funny family kids video vlog.

Guys, let's have a great time with educational kids videos by Alex and Nastya channel! Play, learn and sing popular children nursery rhymes together with cute little bloggers. Enjoy bright toys, funny pretend play, interesting outdoor and indoor playgrounds, dressing up in funny outfits, and cooking healthy food with top-rated videos for toddlers. Alex and Nastya channel fulls of favored kids songs given in a creative way: Yes Yes Vegetable Song, Bingo Song, Daddy Finger Song, The Wheels on the Bus, and other famous nursery rhymes.

Alex and Nastya channel offers a great number of educational kids videos that help children to learn colors, 123, ABC, shapes, and other important things. Learning videos for babies develop kids' outlook, desire to follow a healthy lifestyle, to protect nature, and to learn something new. Together with educational videos for kids, children develop their moral values and become more polite, self-assured, open, and kind.

Discover the new kids' video vlog by Alex and Nastya on Kivitu.com for free online and watch the most adorable children videos about various adventures with trendy kids song & nursery rhymes!

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